Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Profile


The names given is Syed Mohd Idham Bin Syed Abd Wadut. Born in 11th May 1989 in Machang, Kelantan. Originally Kelantenese, but my parents are mixblooded where my father are negeri sembilan people and my mom is from kelantan. I got 6 siblings , 4 male and 2 female and i am 5 out of 6. Am is the my nickname for me, short form of Idham. My hometown people call me with that nickname and i'm loving it. But at school there are some friends calling me Syed or Idham. Whatever the nickname is, I enjoy whatever the nickname are.
I'm now studying at National University of Malaysia, and taking Degree in Media and communication courses. I am now 21 years old, not married yet. But most important is proud to be member of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in this UKM. Why??, because it's courses was different from another Faculties that quite "difficult" but actually is the same just devided my the matter of your effort. I will finish my degree in 2012 ( InsyaALLAH) and be one of the media member and try to make a better world ahead with my knowledge. So here, in addition I want to give a compliment and gladness to Yus and Jannah so hopefully they have a better life ahead. Also dedicated to our beloved lecturer, Madam Hafizah for her kindness lecture us since this early sem till the end. Thanks for everything(^_^)